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>Pandelis Karayorgis Trio:



Pandelis Karayorgis Trio
Ayler Records aylDL- 076, 2007
[Digital download release only]

Pandelis Karayorgis, piano
Nate McBride, bass
Randy Peterson, drums

Recorded February 2005

available on Bandcamp

PK Trio page

1. Snssegatoo
(Karayorgis) 6:11
2. Canopy
(McBride) 7:17
3. Liwisies
(Karayorgis) 5:49
4. The Volunteer
(McBride) 8:49
5. Winmooth
(Karayorgis) 7:02
6. Liptowthreea
(Karayorgis) 5:20
7. Lifgatowy
(Karayorgis) 5:16
8. Ydidnan
(Karayorgis/McBride/Peterson) 3:44
9. Carameluia
(Karayorgis/McBride/Peterson) 6:44



(...) Carameluia is part of Ayler Records' growing catalog of digital download-only releases. Here, Karayorgis and McBride are joined by drummer Randy Peterson. This trio gigged regularly from 1997 through 2005. Recorded toward the end of their time working together, this set captures them a few months after they returned from a European tour. Karayorgis and McBride provided a new set of originals forthe session, capped off by two collective improvisations. While there is an angular lyricism that carries through all the pieces, time and harmonic structures are stretched even further than on the session above. Karayorgis and McBride hint at themes and then deconstruct them while keeping a tensile connection between conceptualized forms and relaxed swing. Rather than struggling with the dichotomies of tradition and freedom, the three players combine the two with a seemingly effortless directness. Tune titles like "Liwisies," "Liptowthreea," and "Ydidnan" come from words invented by Karayorgis's six-year-old daughter, and that whimsical experimentation carries through to the music. Blues, stride, and Monkian clusters crash up against bounding bass lines and Peterson's restless, shuffling drums. The three can synch up, break off, or play at overlapping odds with each other, only to hit back together with crack precision, often ending pieces mid-phrase with a hanging tension. (...)
Michael Rosenstein, Signal To Noise #52, Winter 2009

Boston-based Pandelis Karayorgis has been the subject of several review postings on my blogs. Today there is yet another one. I suppose you can tell I like what he is doing! This one is an Ayler Download-Only recording, which goes for a good price. Caramelula (Ayler Download 078) situates Pandelis in a good trio setting, with Nate McBride (bass) and Randy Peterson (drums).
Caramelula provides nearly an hour of the trio in action, playing Karayorgis's original pieces but allowing a good deal of space for extemporaneous improvisation. There is a linear logic to the post-Monk avant doings of this recording. Everyone is relaxed and gets the opportunity to stretch out. It is another worthwhile look into the Karayorgis artistry. It may be a little more low-key than some of his other disks, but it provides you with another way into what he is doing. Anyone who wants to follow the modern improvisational piano must not miss Pandelis Karayorgis. This is one good place to get a good sampling of his style in conducive surroundings.
Grego Applegate Edwards, gapplegate music review, Oct 13, 2010


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